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Silent Parties

Catch up with old friends and make new ones without having to yell over amplified sound.

Dance like no one is watching.

Choose up to 3 channels of music to cater to your audience preference.

Silent Events

Integrate wireless headphones into your fitness and yoga classes.

Create an immersive experience for your guests to connect to.

Host in extraordinary locations without breaking any noise ordinance laws

Silent Corporate Functions

Cater to both the party poopers and party animals in the group.

Not your ordinary office party.

Be the cool boss and give your employees an experience worth remembering.

About Us

The Happy Headphone was created with happy and social audiences in mind.
“Silent events give us the opportunity to engage on another level.Having a choice in turning the volume up and entering the headphone zone or turning it down and tuning in to the happy people around us.It presents amazing opportunities for socializing and connecting.” Says one Arizona event coordinator. Wireless hedphones are nothing new to major cities like NY and LA.They’ve even been spotted internationally in places like Europe and India!Since our Silent boat party introduction in 2016,Arizona’s social scene has embraced The Happy Headphone at silent events ranging from; music artists silent listening parties, silent cosmic bowling, corporate silent holiday functions and our newest hit , silent yoga and fitness.We are so grateful to all who assist in keeping The Happy movement alive.It’s important that we grow our connection with the Arizona community.
As a local small business we take pride in offering the best quality wireless headphone rentals.
Heading into 2018, the excitement is rising as the awareness of our happy silent events continue to grow and expand.
Innovate your own events by adding a fun twist with The Happy Headphone.

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Guest Reviews

“ I attended my first Silent party and it was a Blast! Having a choice in what I am listening to was a great option. I found myself hearing a song I didn’t like and Bam! Switched the song myself just by changing the channel. Everyone else seemed to be having a great time too. Definitely want to go to an event like this again soon! “
Cory FSatisfied Customer
“ Great quality of sound and comfort. Easy to adjust volume & switch channels to hear different music. Perfect to rent for a party where noise may be an issue. Definitely another level of partying with your people.”
Johnny JSatisfied Customer
Never Have I experienced a way to connect with people in a social environment while keeping the room around me silent. These type of events are going to revolutionize the way we party!
Rasheed MSatisfied Customer

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